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In case of detecting the danger call 112 or 224 0407





What we must do after detecting the danger


- Urgently move away from the indicated dangerous object at a distance of at least 150 m (chlorine cylinder detected) and 500 m (chlorine container detected), moving with the wind or perpendicular to it and avoiding grooves, ditches, trenches and other similar places 



-  If you cannot leave the building, go up to the top floor  and close tightly all the doors and windows



 -  Use a cloth mask soaked with an aqueous solution of baking soda to protect the respiratory tract 



-  As soon as you have reached  a safe place get rid of your outer clothing contaminated with chlorine and call 112




In case of detecting the overdue and unused chemicals and chemical materials you have to:


- avoid any direct contact with the detected substances and materials



- mark the area of danger and   do everything to restrict the access of other persons to the sources of hazard



- urgently inform the administration of the institution about the detected hazards,  and call 112




- if necessary, wait for the arrival of the representatives of the competent services